Monthly Archives: August 2013

iOS Game Development Tutorial: Using the Accelerometer with Sparrow 2.0

iPhone_WoodBGwMarbleWe recently answered the question, “How do I access accelerometer data?”.  If you have not read this article or you are not familiar with accessing accelerometer data then please pause here and take a minute to read the article.  In today’s tutorial we will take this new knowledge and apply it to build an app to simulate a ball rolling on a table.  This technique would be used to create a Labyrinth type game.

First we will setup our Xcode […]

TestFlight for Xamarin.Android

TestFlightOne of the keys to making good apps great is a solid beta distribution and testing process. The ability to track usage of your app and view crash analytics will result in an improved user experience when it comes time to publish your app.

Enter TestFlight for Android. A huge plus TestFlight now brings to the table is the ability for a team that is creating both Android and iOS apps to have a single tool to manage beta distribution and testing. By the way, I should mention TestFlight’s […]