iOS Game Development Tutorial: Using the Accelerometer with Sparrow 2.0

iPhone_WoodBGwMarbleWe recently answered the question, “How do I access accelerometer data?”.  If you have not read this article or you are not familiar with accessing accelerometer data then please pause here and take a minute to read the article.  In today’s tutorial we will take this new knowledge and apply it to build an app to simulate a ball rolling on a table.  This technique would be used to create a Labyrinth type game.

First we will setup our Xcode […]

iOS Game Development Answers: How do I access accelerometer data?

ne of the most anticipated features in mobile computing throughout all of history has been the iPhone’s accelerometer.  The ability to receive instantaneous data about the linear acceleration changes of a device along the primary axes in three-dimensional space has been revolutionary.  In particular using this input for iOS game development.  Keep reading and we will answer the question:  How do I access accelerometer data in iOS?

In the early days, starting with iOS 2.0, a shared object UIAccelerometer provides accelerometer data. Simply specify to the UIAccelerometer the interval at which you would like to receive events and […]